Brand Nike wash mask virus protection mask mail order

Brand Nike wash mask virus protection mask mail order

Variants of new pneumonia emerge in an endless stream, coronavirus infections continue to appear all over the world, and the global war continues. Therefore, for your own safety, choosing a suitable mask becomes the key.



We choose from a variety of different surgical masks to reusable masks. Masks are a popular item, and we choose masks with more fashionable styles. The selected masks are more comfortable, breathable, and fashionable brand masks.


Nike sports brand reusable mask, made of special material, soft, skin-friendly and breathable, very suitable for outdoor use. COVID-19 virus protective mask. Nike brand reusable masks The coronavirus disease epidemic is not over, and the life of masks continues. Nike Fashion Masks feature skin-friendly, breathable materials for sensitive skin. Its breathability is very good, so it is not hot and humid, and it is easy to breathe. Feels cold on contact with skin, cool and comfortable even in summer, washable with water and reusable.


Supreme Brand Washable Mask Fashionable Lettering Design Pattern Sunscreen, Dustproof And Anti-Smog, Soft, Skin-Friendly. Supreme branded mask with adjustable ear strap length. You can use it without worrying about the size of your face. Soft and soft to the touch! It is simple and stylish, with the Supreme brand logo printed on it in different colors. The Supreme non-woven mask is gentle on the skin and the rubber length can be adjusted by knotting. It is more suitable for long-term wear, and can also be adjusted to reduce irritation to the ears. You can use it repeatedly by hand washing with mild detergent and drying in the shade.